Friday, October 9, 2009

Courthouse Committee Seeks Memories and Photos

Work on the historic Coweta County Courthouse continues with the completion date still targeted for early summer of 2010. The Courthouse Citizens Advisory Committee has begun discussions on opening festivities and is asking for the community’s assistance.

The festivities surrounding the opening of the courthouse are not determined yet but the committee has one project that they’d like to get started. The committee is soliciting individual memories and photos of the courthouse to be used in some type of historical record. The Courthouse represents many things to many citizens and the committee would like to record that and save it for future generations.

“This courthouse is the citizens building. It’s been the heart of Coweta County for over 100 years and we know there are many people with fond memories of the building and the square,” said Patricia Palmer, Director of Public Affairs for Coweta County. “I’ve had friends, family and complete strangers tell me stories about things they remember at the square and how the courthouse was the backdrop for family memories. That’s what we want to hear about.”

Memories can be personal, told to you by a friend or family member OR memories of major county events and how the courthouse was a part of that time in history. “If your granddaddy told you about playing checkers on the square, or you loved the Christmas lights that used to be draped from the high points on the dome or if you always rested on the courthouse steps when trick or treating with the downtown merchants, we’d like to hear about it and, hopefully, get a photo of it as well.”

The committee has not finalized exactly how the memories and photos will be used but the plan is to gather them in some type of document or printed piece that will also trace the history of the courthouse and the work done in the recent rehabilitation. Images and memories can be submitted via e-mail to or sent to Patricia Palmer, Coweta County, 22 East Broad Street, Newnan, GA 30263. The following release must be included for your memories and photos to be used. The information is posted on the county website as well.

I hereby give permission for images and/or information/stories about the historic Coweta County Courthouse that I have submitted to be used for historic purposes. I understand that this submitted information and/or images may be used in print, video, web and other electronic data and waive any rights of ownership or compensation.

Subject in photo and approximate date taken, if applicable:
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