Friday, December 5, 2008

Confirmed Rabies Case in Newnan

According to the city of Newnan animal warden, Cyndi Hoffman, there was a confirmed case of rabies in the city. There were no humans affected with the disease.

On Wednesday, December 5th, a resident reported a raccoon in her yard was acting strangely. Officer Hoffman went out to the resident off Pitts Street. The raccoon was then caught on a restraining pole and humanely euthanized. The body was sent to the lab where results came back positive for rabies.

Residents are urged to always keep family pets updated on vaccinations. Call your vetnarian as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

“These vaccinations are critical to your families’ and pets’ well- being,” said Officer Hoffman. People do not realize the long and intense treatments needed for humans if bitten by a rabid animal and symptoms occur it is too late. Rabies has a 99% rate fatality for humans and animals,” continued Officer Hoffman.

Officer Hoffman wanted to remind everyone there is a leash law (4-41) and a vaccination law (4-44) in the city of Newnan. Citations will be issued if caught breaking these laws. If you need to review these ordinances please log onto

Symptoms of Rabies for animals and humans

Symptoms usually develop between 20 and 60 days after exposure. Rabid animals may become aggressive, combative, and highly sensitive to touch and other kinds of stimulation. And they can be vicious. This is the "furious" form of rabies, the kind traditionally associated with mad dogs.
There is also a "dumb" form of the disease in which the animal is lethargic, weak in one or more limbs, and unable to raise its head or make sounds because its throat and neck muscles are paralyzed. In both kinds of animal rabies, death occurs a few days after symptoms appear, usually from respiratory failure.

Rabies infection in humans begins with symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat followed in several days by more serious and rapidly progressing symptoms such as restlessness, hallucinations and seizures. The final stage is coma and death.

Tips Residents for rabies prevention

Avoid wildlife.
Vaccinate your pets.
Do not approach any animal unknown to you or your family.
Secure trash in garbage cans with tight fitting lids.
Feed and water your pets inside your home to avoid attracting wild animals.

For city of Newnan residents to report animal related issues, please call animal control at 770-254-2355.
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