Wednesday, July 2, 2008

City of Newnan Police Receives Armored Personnel Carrier

The Newnan Police Department has received an armored personnel vehicle.

The carrier will be used by Newnan Police Special Response Team. It will help the special response team gain entry to barricaded residences and against armed gunmen. It is added protection for the Special Response Team during standoff and hostage situations.

According to Newnan Police Chief Buster Meadows, “In today’s time, we must be prepared for any given situation. With access to weapons of any type now, our officers need the extra protection that this vehicle will give them. “When approaching a barricaded structure, officers are exposed to danger zones for extended periods of time. This will help cut down on the danger zone and help to get them closer to their target,” continued Chief Meadows.

The carrier was received from the 1033 Excess Property Program that comes through the Department of Defense. The carrier was excess military property. The carrier was transported from Huntsville, Alabama. The Police department has spent $600 total in getting it ready for use.

In 1990, the U.S. Department of Defense initiated the Excess Property Program in support of the President’s National Drug Control Strategy. The program was initiated with the purpose of distributing excess military property to state and local law enforcement agencies for the purpose of combating and preventing drug distribution. The Office of Secretary Defense (OSD) has the responsibility for the oversight of the program.

This program helps to recycle tax payers’ money. This equipment was originally purchased by the Department of Defense and now it has been passed on to local agencies.

The excess property ranges from vehicles, weapons, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, physical fitness equipment, heavy construction equipment, light construction equipment, and the list goes on. The equipment has to be used for drug eradication programs for an agency to be eligible to receive the property. Each Agency searches on the web site for the equipment that they have a need for.

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