Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keep Newnan Beautiful Receives ‘Away From Home Recycling’ Grant

Keep Newnan Beautiful proudly received the Georgia Department of Community Affairs ‘Away from Home Recycling’ grant in the form of a fully loaded trailer. The trailer encourages recycling at community events and education on recycling for the community. The trailer comes fully loaded with containers, bags and signs to encourage people at public events to recycle. It will be available for the public to use at community events. To find out more about using the trailer for events, please contact Cynthia Gill-Wall at cgill-wall@cityofnewnan.org or at 678.855.5058.

"So often, citizens recycle diligently at home, but have no way to do it at a school festival or community event. This trailer is designed to help with that problem,” says Cynthia Gill-Wall, director of Keep Newnan Beautiful. "I'm thrilled to be able to offer this trailer for the community to use. I know it will be a huge benefit to our residents to be able to continue their good recycling habits at events away from home," continues Cynthia Gill-Wall, director of Keep Newnan Beautiful.

"It is great to see the Georgia Department of Community Affairs recognize the efforts of Keep Newnan Beautiful and award them with this recycling trailer and supplies. I think it speaks loudly to the commitment of our community and the efforts to be involved in recycling and other waste reduction programs,” says Cleatus Phillips, director of Community Development.
Keep Newnan Beautiful was certified as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful in 2006, with the mission of encouraging residents to take responsibility for community improvement through litter prevention and waste reduction. The members of the commission are Matthew Bailey, Tom Barron, Michael Boulas, Jason Brady, Jennifer Clay, Joan Crawford, Donna Dietz, Nathan Lee, Connie Posey, Pamela Prange and Mayra Richardson.

This Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) grant program is intended to provide recycling supplies and equipment to local municipalities and organizations as a way to help local governments meet the state’s material-specific waste disposal reduction goals set for the years 2012 and 2017. Georgia is home to some of the strongest recycling markets in the nation, yet these industries must import recycled materials from all over North America to support their operations. Georgians annually dispose of 2.6 million tons of common recyclable materials with an approximate market value of over $250 million. Local government reports from 1998 to 2003 reflect a 12% decline in recycling services available in their community. This program of encouraging recycling outside of the traditional area is one of the ways DCA is fighting that decline.

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